Discuss Your Results

Once you receive the results of your Clarity Genetics screening, we recommend that you discuss them with your doctor (who will also receive a copy of your results). He or she will be your best source for getting insight into what they mean and how you can use them to guide your decision making. You can also talk to one of our board-certified genetic counselors who can walk you through what your results reveal about your risk of carrying an inheritable disease or genetic abnormality.

Connect with a Certified Genetic Counselor

The Clarity Genetics Genetic Counseling Program offers phone-based confidential information and resources to individuals who have questions about their Clarity Genetics carrier screening results.

A genetic counselor is available to speak with you about:

  • Benefits of carrier screening
  • Your family history and inheritance patterns
  • Your Clarity Genetics carrier testing results
  • Carrier testing options for your partner or other family members
  • What carrier testing results mean for a current or future pregnancy
  • Referral to a local genetic counselor or other support services
  • Resources and current research

Feel free to call 1-866-661-7966​ to schedule an appointment with a genetic counselor or use our web-based scheduling system to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Schedule an Appointment