Natural Conception

Couples who are planning to have a baby by natural conception — or who are already expecting — generally take a set of screens, called panels, that focus on the most common genetic diseases. By taking our genetic profile, you can obtain a Discussion Guide to use with your doctor to help you choose which screens are best for you. Your needs will vary based on your age, ethnicity, and where you are in your reproductive journey. If you haven't already, scroll down to take the profile and obtain your own Discussion Guide.

Natural Conception

Which Screens Are Right for You?

Anyone planning or in the process of having a family can benefit from genetic screening. At Clarity Genetics, we offer several individual screens and sets of screens (known as panels). Your unique circumstances, age, ethnicity, and family history can help identify the most appropriate screens. By answering a few questions, you can obtain a Discussion Guide that you can share with your doctor to help guide your decision making.

Talk to a Genetic Counselor

As a Clarity client, you'll have access to personal genetic counselors who can help explain the results of your screens and provide insight on how to move forward. To schedule a personal conference to discuss your screen results, click the link below or call(866) 661-7966​

Discuss Your Screening Results

What Is Genetic Screening?

Genetic screening is a way to look at your genes and detect if you are a carrier of an inherited genetic disease — such as cystic fibrosis — that you might pass on to your children. Other screens allow you to look for non-inheritable genetic conditions that can lead to conditions like Down syndrome.

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