Our Labs & Science

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, commonly referred to as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), we offer the most accurate genetic testing available, including a 99.9% accuracy rate for the most commonly inherited genetic diseases.

When testing, our laboratory analyzes all of the coding DNA in a gene to determine if any disease-causing pathogenic variants are present. By sequencing all of the coding DNA in a gene, instead of just a portion, we are able to offer the most accurate genetic testing available, regardless of ethnicity. The majority of laboratories are only sequencing a portion of the gene, leaving room for error with missed variants, especially when testing a variety of ethnicities. By sequencing the entire gene, NxGen MDx testing eliminates the doubt in a negative result and drastically reduces the residual risk, regardless of ethnicity.

Now you can work with your patients and help them plan with confidence.

Our Panels and Screens

We screen for up to 120 different inheritable diseases and noninherited genetic conditions that can affect a pregnancy, the health of a baby, and your patient's future family. To learn more about our various screens, click the link below.

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Collection Methods

We offer 3 specimen collection methods. A blood draw is the preferred method for genetic screening. We offer same-day courier pick up for all specimens.

Support for Your Patients

While you work with your patients on deciding which screens match their unique circumstances, Clarity Genetics handles all billing questions, specimen pick-up, and business operations. Your patients also have access to our board-certified genetic counselors who can walk them through their screening results and provide additional details on genetic diseases, risk factors, and the like. Counselors always encourage patients to rely on their healthcare providers as their best, first, and only source for making decisions regarding their medical health.