Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs and Answers

Who should my patients call with questions?

Please have your patients give us a call directly at (866) 661-7966 and we’ll be happy to address their questions and explain our programs in more depth. NOTE: Please ensure you also instruct your patients NOT to call your office with billing questions, but rather contact Clarity Genetics.

My patients have no family history of genetic disease. Are they still at risk?

Yes, the reality is that any woman of childbearing age could be a carrier for cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy, fragile X, or other common genetic conditions, even without a family history of the disease. A carrier can pass any of these conditions on to their unborn child if undetected. Clarity Genetics utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide your patients with the most accurate information to make educated family planning decisions.

What happens if my patient's partner and my patient are at risk for having a child with a genetic disease?

Should test results indicate risk, there are still many alternatives available. If they are planning to become pregnant, consider prevention options, such as in vitro fertilization or using donor eggs or sperm from an individual who is not a carrier. Other couples choose to adopt a child. If your patients are pregnant, prenatal diagnostic tests will determine whether their baby is affected by the disorder. You or a Clarity Genetics genetic counselor can discuss these options in greater detail.

How are Clarity Genetics tests performed?

Clarity Genetics utilizes the best available laboratory methods to perform testing on blood or saliva samples from each patient. Additional testing may be recommended if preliminary results indicate you or your partner is a carrier for any of the tested conditions.

What are Clarity's accuracy rates?

Clarity Genetics offers one of the world’s most accurate tests for detecting genetic markers. As further assurance, doctors rely on best-in-class Clarity Genetics genetic screening as trusted tools for early family planning, giving couples peace of mind and a better outlook for the years ahead.

Will my patient's health plan cover your services?

Most health plans cover Clarity Genetics testing; however, if you have questions regarding coverage please contact us at Patients who are unable to pay their bill or do not have insurance may fill out the financial hardship inquiry on our insurance coverage page and email it to us.

What is the Explanation of Benefits?

Once you select Clarity’s tests with your patient, your patient may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from their insurance carrier. This document will outline the status of the Clarity claim against their policy and describes their estimated costs (if any) payable to their insurance carrier. NOTE: The EOB is NOT an invoice, and the estimated cost can change during the course of our appeal for payment with their provider. If your patients have questions regarding their EOB, please give us a call at (866) 661-7966​ or email us at

What is the difference between a dominant and recessive genetic disease?

Dominant and recessive genetic disorders are caused by pathogenic variants in genes that cause disease. Genetic diseases can be classified by either dominant or recessive based on the inheritance patterns that causes the disease. Click here to learn more about the different inheritance patterns.

Connect Your Patients with a Certified Genetic Counselor

When you work with us, you and your patients will have access to a team of board-certified genetic counselors. Our counselors are available to discuss the results of screens and what they mean. Patients can discuss their results by scheduling an available time that’s convenient for them.

Connect Your Patients with a Certified Genetic Counselor

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