Office Support

When you work with us, you and your patients will have access to a team of board-certified genetic counselors. Our counselors are available to discuss the results of screens and what they mean. Your patients can discuss their results by scheduling a time that’s convenient for them. Patients can also turn to our Customer Support team for questions regarding insurance and billing.

Insurance Coverage

In-network Health Plans
While we are not a participating provider, most health plans cover Clarity Genetics screening. To see if our services qualify under their health plan, patients should contact us at If their plan does not cover Clarity Genetics screening, they still have flexible payment options through our Peace of Mind Program (see below). Have your patients contact us if they have any concerns about their out-of-pocket costs.

Payment Options
For patients who receive an invoice directly from us, we offer a variety of flexible payment options. To learn more, patients should call our office at (866) 661-7966​.

Explanation of Benefits
Once patients select a Clarity Genetics plan, they may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from their insurance carrier. This document will outline the status of the Clarity Genetics claim against each policy and describe estimated costs (if any) payable to the insurance carrier. NOTE: The EOB is NOT an invoice, and the estimated cost can change during the course of an appeal for payment with a provider. For questions regarding their EOB, patients should call (866) 661-7966​.

Peace of Mind Program
We believe all patients should have access to the best genetic technology without the limitations of costs to hold them back. For this reason, we created the Peace of Mind program, which limits out-of-pocket expenses for qualified patients. If a patient believes financial difficulties stand in their way, they should call us at (866) 661-7966​. We can help them remove those barriers by discussing payment assistance and other flexible options.

Common ICD Codes

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Common ICD Codes

Support for Your Patients

While you work with your patients on deciding which screens match their unique circumstances, Clarity Genetics handles all billing questions, specimen pick-up, and business operations. Your patients also have access to our board-certified genetic counselors who can walk them through their screening results and provide additional details on genetic diseases, risk factors, and the like. Counselors always encourage patients to rely on their healthcare providers as their best, first, and only source for making decisions regarding their medical health.