Panels and Screens

Clarity Genetics screens for up to 120 genetic disorders that can affect you, your baby, and your family's future. Most clients opt for a set of screens, called panels, that combine several individual screens for the most frequently occurring diseases or disorders. Scroll down for details on our panels or stand-alone screens.


The panels listed below were developed to meet the needs of unique groups. For the facts on each and downloadable brochures on panels, click the related link below. You should talk to your doctor about which screens align with your health, age, ancestry, and current needs.

Stand Alone Screens

A stand-alone screen can reveal your risks for passing an inheritable genetic disease or non-inheritable genetic condition to your child. Click for details on a specific disease or condition and to download its fact sheet.

Connect Your Patients with a Certified Genetic Counselor

When you work with us, you and your patients will have access to a team of board-certified genetic counselors. Our counselors are available to discuss the results of screens and what they mean. Patients can discuss their results by scheduling an available time that’s convenient for them.

Connect Your Patients with a Certified Genetic Counselor

Support for Your Patients

While you work with your patients on deciding which screens match their unique circumstances, Clarity Genetics handles all billing questions, specimen pick-up, and business operations. Your patients also have access to our board-certified genetic counselors who can walk them through their screening results and provide additional details on genetic diseases, risk factors, and the like. Counselors always encourage patients to rely on their healthcare providers as their best, first, and only source for making decisions regarding their medical health.