Clarity Genetics Preimplantation Genetic Testing - Aneuploidy (PGT-A)

Clarity Preimplantation Genetic Testing - Aneuploidy (PGT-A) is an invaluable tool to help your healthcare team select the best embryos for successful implantation. PGT-A can help IVF patients have a healthy pregnancy across all age groups.

Clarity Genetics Preimplantation Genetic Testing - Aneuploidy (PGT-A)

What Is It?

This embryonic screen can determine if an embryo is missing or has one or more extra chromosomes, a condition known as aneuploidy. Chromosome aneuploidy is the leading genetic cause of miscarriage and congenital disorders, including Down syndrome and Turner syndrome. This screen is typically used for women over 35, who are at increased risk for conceiving babies with chromosomal abnormalities.

Every woman has a risk to conceive a baby with chromosome aneuploidy, and risk increases with age. At age 35, women have a 30% risk, and the risk jumps to 85% for women at age 42. By taking advantage of PGT-A results, women over 35 are five times less likely to experience a miscarriage. PGT-A can accurately identify embryos that are predicted to be euploid and appropriate candidates for implantation, increasing the chances for a successful pregnancy by 65%.

Who Should Take It?

• Couples or individuals who are pursuing in vitro fertilization

Why Clarity Genetics?

Clarity PGT-A is an invaluable tool to help your healthcare team select the best single embryo for successful implantation. By choosing a single embryo a patient can reduce the risk of multiple births, avoid increased healthcare costs of multiple birth pregnancy and ultimately, and most importantly, reduce the associated risk to the mother and pregnancy.


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