Screening for Expectant Couples

If you are expecting, congratulations! You’re here because you want to learn how genetic screening can help you plan for the journey ahead. We offer several screens that can reveal critical information related to your baby’s health and your family’s future. By telling us a little about yourself, you can begin developing a plan to move forward.


If you are expecting, there are several Clarity Genetics screens to help you plan with confidence. Our carrier screening can help you gauge the risk of transmitting an inheritable disease like cystic fibrosis to your baby. Other screens can alert you to genetic or chromosomal pathogenic variants that can affect the life and well-being of your child. Learn more about which of our screens are right for you based on your age, ancestry, known family history, and where you are in your family planning. If you haven't completed our profiler, do so now. If you already have, you can use your profile to guide decision making as you move forward.

Which Screens Are Right for You?

Talk to a Genetic Counselor

As a Clarity client, you'll have access to personal genetic counselors who can help explain the results of your screens and provide insight on how to move forward. To schedule a personal conference to discuss your screen results, click the link below or call(866) 661-7966​

Discuss Your Screening Results