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Clarity Genetics was founded to offer you the very best in genetic screening talent, science, technology, counseling, and support. Our laboratory, facilities, and methodologies stay ahead of the curve and provide unprecedented accuracy in genetic screening results.

As a proud Florida-based company, we source our equipment and supplies from the United States.

  • Founded in 2016.
  • Located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Best-in-class Science for Unmatched Accuracy

Since our founding, we have continually updated our technologies to keep pace with advances in genetic research and screening techniques. Our screens rely on next-generation sequencing that delivers over 99% clinical detection rate for many conditions. This powerful technique looks at entire coding regions of genes rather than the abbreviated sequencing or genotyping techniques used by other genetic screening companies. And because we detect genetic pathogenic variants that can be missed by abbreviated screening technologies, you can count on your Clarity screening results to give you a highly accurate, comprehensive assessment of your true risk — and ultimately, better outcomes for you and your family’s future.

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As a Clarity client, you'll have access to personal genetic counselors who can help explain the results of your screens and provide insight on how to move forward. To schedule a personal conference to discuss your screen results, click the link below or call(866) 661-7966​

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Get answers to all your questions related to billing, insurance coverage, the status of your screening results, and more by calling us at (866) 661-7966​ or clicking the link below.

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Make a Difference with a Challenging Career

Clarity Genetics focuses on helping young families get a good start in life by delivering best-in-class genetic carrier screening. Our commitment to families doesn’t end with our clientele — it is also focused on our employees. By delivering a healthy work-life balance and a fun team environment, we continue to build a solid foundation around our best thinking, while delivering cutting-edge products to physicians throughout the United States. And we’re always looking for curious, passionate, and entrepreneurial individuals to join us.